3 lessons FIFA needs to learn from Pope Francis

  By Alan Foster & BJ Wright Diego Maradona famously asserted that “football isn’t a game, nor a sport – it’s a religion.” Of course today we all know that it’s bigger than that – football is a huge global business. And, while the U.S. Department of Justice’s charges against nine FIFA officials are capturing … Continued

3 iPhone Apps that Changed my Life (a Little for the Better)

Executives who I coach struggle with the same issues as the rest of the working world.  They are generally quite happy with life (most rate themselves an 8 out of 10) yet at the same time they lack quality time with their family, are under slept and feel overwhelmed by the barrage of information that … Continued

The One Metric I Actually Track

I spent much of my late 20s at Bain & Company jumping on 6am Monday morning flights from LGA to Cleveland and arriving home on a Thursday night.  I knew I wanted something to change but could not figure out what to do.  One evening I went to speech given by Tom Tierney, the co-founder … Continued

5 Advanced Ways to Check References

Do you remember that amazing scene in the movie when the lead character picks up the telephone to conduct the candidate’s references and all hell breaks loose?  No?  Me neither.  Unless Aaron Sorkin had written the script, it would be tedious to watch.  Yet reference checking is one of more “boring but important” parts of … Continued